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Tuesday Tales- April 11, 2023- Picture Prompt

The week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to a picture prompt. The posts are limited to 300 words. I am still in my swan story.

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He shook his head and took his seat beside Mavis.

As he bit into his burger, Emma arrived at his side.

Clark almost choked on the bite of food in his mouth, He swallowed hard and tried not to cough.

He looked up at her face. She was smiling with a blush on her cheeks. Or is that sunburn?

“I wanted to compliment you on jumping in like you did. I’m sure the Thames isn’t the cleanest of rivers and that was quite brave. Hopefully, you won’t suffer any effects of the dirty water like some kind of fungal infection.”

Clark frowned. What is she on about? Fungus? What a thing to focus on. Not the birds I saved but fungus?

For as long as he could remember, he had wanted to have a real conversation with this woman and this was it? Strange.

“Well, anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on your bravery for a couple of silly animals. I guess it’s admirable but will the king actually care? Or was it a draper’s swan do you think?”

“I didn’t do it for the king. I did it for the birds. They were in distress.”

“Ah yes. Very noble.” She sniffed audibly.

As she turned to walk away, Clark said, “If you don’t care about the swans, why do you do this job?”

She flicked her hair over her shoulder. “It’s not a requirement to care in order to collect one’s pay packet, is it?”



  1. I suppose she’s right, but if you like your job and believe in it, it helps the hard days when you would prefer to be anywhere but there. I felt like that when I was teaching. Glad I retired but I did miss that fatter paycheck. Great scene.

    • It def helps to like your job. We spend so much time there, it’s hard when you’re miserable. Teaching can be rewarding but I’m sure you had some rough days with version students and perhaps the administration. Happy retirement!!


      • When I started teaching, there was a different level of respect and a different attitude toward learning. BY the end, things had changed too much. When I got a chance to leave, I did. Now I write and that’s a job I definitely love.

      • Oh definitely.  My sister took early retirement and went to work retail for a couple of years because of exactly that.  No respect for teachers by students and nothing that is being done about it.  Now she is getting her retirement and social security and enjoying doing whatever she wants. No more retail either. 

  2. Whoa! What a snarky woman! I want to give her a smack. And he wanted to talk to her? Well, I guess he’s learned he wasn’t missing out on anything. Some attitude. I think he did a brave thing, especially knowing how mean swans can be. She can go suck eggs. Great snippet!! Good use of the picture prompt, too. Now I want a burger!

    • LOL!  I am glad she evoked such rancor from you as that was the intent.  He’s learning that looks are nothing to base your thoughts you might want to date a woman on.  LOL!  

  3. Cold sounding woman. We particularly want people to care when their jobs involve children or animals. I’m looking forward to seeing if she melts some or if he is turned off by her attitude. Great scene!

    • Thanks Flossie. We def want people to care for animals and others. This chick is not nice. 😉


  4. What a snot she’s turning out to be. It seems he’s having some second thoughts about wanting to talk to her now.
    Still glad he saved the swans.

    • yep. She is a snot for sure. and he is done with her. LOL

  5. Not sure I like her because of her attitude about the swans. He did an awesome thing! Great job!

    • She is not to be liked….. LOL

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