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Tuesday Tales- April 18, 2023- Dirt

this week the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt dirt. I am working on another short story. This one aboue a high school girl who took on a part time job to make money for a prom dress.

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Someone at church told her mom about the Mims’ geese and their plans to be out of town for a month. Not that her mother knew she’d gone to their house to talk them into letting her take care of the animals. Mom told her about the need but also told her she couldn’t do it as she didn’t know anything about birds. And what if they laid eggs while the Mims’ were gone? She’d have no idea what to do.

Brenda didn’t let that worry her. Until today. The reality of the birds was totally different than her idea about them.

The only experience she had with geese was that silly Jack in the Beanstalk story with the goose with the golden egg. Of course these birds wouldn’t have golden eggs but she also didn’t know they’d be so mean.

They clucked around her and she tossed the rest of the feed to the ground at once. “I have to get to school. You can fight over it for all I care.”

She turned and left the coop. She stopped at the shed to leave the bowl before continuing on to the school.

When she arrived at the door, it was close to time for the tardy bell to ring so she darted inside and down the hallway to her home room.

“How’d it go?” Her best friend Charlotte asked as Brenda slid into her chair at the exact moment the bell buzzed.

“It was frightful. Those things ae beasts when they’re hungry.” Brenda Sue held her hand out. “Look, I even have dirt under my fingernails. I wasn’t meant to be a farmer.”

“But think of the gorgeous prom dress you’ll get with the money you earn.”

“It’s not like I even have a date yet either. If I have to go alone and wear it, I guess I will.” Brenda Sue darted a glance across the room toward Tyler Madison, the boy she wanted to ask her to go to prom. The pie in the sky dream. But she did love that dress.

“I don’t think he’s ever going to ask you if you never speak to him,” Charlotte said.

“Ladies. Do you have something you want to share with the class or can I continue with roll call?” Mrs. Anderson asked.



  1. Doesn’t Mrs. Anderson know there are some things more important LOL? Geese are not placid birds, as she found out. I hope she gets the prom dress of her dreams though.

    • LOL! Yes, geese are not the friendliest of the fowls. hahaha

  2. Great snippet! As an owner of a pair of geese I can attest to them being a bit touchy at times but overall they’re lovely birds. Mostly. 😉

    • Lol about the touchy. The geese at my grandad’s were very “touchy” hahahah.

  3. I love her ambition to get the dress. And her friend is right! She has to talk to him first. Great job!

    • Gotta get up the nerve…. 🙂

  4. Ut oh – busted by the teacher. I felt like I was right there watching.

    • hahahah. been there.

  5. Why that bitchy old teacher interfering with important teen girl business!! What’s more important? The geese and the prom dress or roll call? I mean. The teacher needs to get a life. I’m loving this story. I read these backwards, this one second. But I’m all in on this and can’t wait to read her adventures with the geese.

    • hahha. yes, that teacher needs to get her priorities straight. LOL

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