Posted by: Author | April 24, 2023

Tuesday Tales- April 25, 2023- Bright

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt bright. I am working on a short story.

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Her lab partner, Randy, was waiting beside their table. “I was afraid you’d be absent today. I know you’re kind of skittish about this dissection thing.”

“You got that right. But I’ll be fine. Mom made me some homemade smelling salts from salt, essential oils and peppermint. If I start to go down, wave this under my nose.” She held up a lace pouch.

“You’ll be like an old fashioned lady with her swooning?”

“I truly hope not. We don’t want me to become the gossip of the week, do we?”

“Nope. That would be a tragedy.” He flipped his hair out of his eyes. Always with the hair hanging down. She didn’t know how he got any work done with the way his eyes were usually covered.

Class went by fast and the day was over before Brenda Sue really was ready for it. She would have to go back out to the Mims’ place and make sure the geese were in for the night. They had clipped wings so they wouldn’t fly off but she had promised to check on them twice a day. They better appreciate me. The little freaks.

She walked back down the road from the school toward the Mims’ house. Ahead of her, she noticed Tyler and his best friend, Mike. They were laughing and jostling each other as they walked. She wondered why they weren’t at baseball practice since they were both on the team.

Brenda Sue shaded her eyes from the bright sunshine. This time of year, the sun was still super high in the sky on the walk home. Sometimes, looking at it caused headaches or crazy spots hovering right in front of her. Ugh. What a pain to have to go deal with those swans. I didn’t know what I was agreeing to when I signed on for this. Charlotte is right. I’m saving for a dress with no date in sight.

She stepped up the pace to try to catch up with Tyler and Mike. It was time to open the lines of communication. If she ever had a hope of dancing with Tyler at prom.



  1. Well done. Hope the swans and Tyler appreciate her efforts.

    • I hope they do too. LOL

  2. She’s got moxie for sure, dealing with the ornery swans for a dress and hurrying to speak to Tyler. Good for her!

    • She does indeed. LOL

  3. Not sure why they skipped practice. I hope we find out. Also, love her catching up to get in good with Tyler. Great story! I’m already sucked in.

    • thanks Jean!

  4. Talk about gumption! I hope things for her and Tyler work out.

    • Thanks. me, too — LOL

  5. Oooh, boys to dance with! I love the banter before the dissection and her mom’s smelling salts. Great job!

    • thanks Tricia!

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