Posted by: Author | May 1, 2023

Tuesday Tales- May 2, 2023

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are using the word prompt intense. I am still in my story about the prom date.

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As she moved forward, a huge Charlie horse snatched at her calf. The muscle cramp sent her to her knees and she dropped her backpack. Tears filled her eyes and she grabbed the calf with both hands to try to rub it out. Her father’s strong hands usually did this for her when she had the cramps in the night. Hers weren’t enough to make much difference.

Sitting on the grass, she kept rubbing and crying, wishing someone would come and help with the intense pain.

Just when she thought she would die there, the two boys who she’d been trying to catch up to turned around.

“Hey, are you all right?” Mike called as they both ran toward her.

Now I want to crawl in a hole. Why’d they turn around? Here I wanted to be smooth when I talked to Tyler and now he’ll see me on the ground crying and I’m sure my ponytail is a mess. What a horrible day.

Tyler and Mike knelt beside her. “What happened?” Tyler asked. “Did you trip over something?”

Great, he thinks I’m a klutz. “No. It’s just a leg cramp that caught me by surprise.”

“Oh, my sister gets those. She always gets up and walks it off.” Mike held his hand out to help her up. “Come on, I’ll help you.”

Brenda Sue took his proffered hand, wishing it was Tyler’s. “Thanks. My dad usually rubs them out so I’ve never tried walking them off.”

“Just flex your toes hard as you walk. That will stretch the muscle out. Maybe you could get coach to give you some salt tablets. We take them during the heat of the summer practices. It seems to keep cramps away. Let me warn you though, they are big and taste nasty.”

“I will try those. Thanks for the tip.”  She wished he and Tyler would go on. This was not how she planned to get closer to Tyler to get him to be her prom date. No, this was not the plan at all.



  1. Poor girl. Those leg cramps are nasty. My husband gets them during the night. As long as he gets his banana each morning, they stay away. Since he’s on a salt-free diet, that wouldn’t help. Great scene.

    • Thanks. I get them too- I take vitamin E – it helps. Used to get them horribly when I was in ballet. Not as often now but still they lurk. Thanks re: scene.

  2. Poor girl. The cramps hurt. I get them occasionally after standing a lot during the day. A sip of vinegar helps me, if it’s in the night. Mike seems to be a gallant guy. Now let’s see about Tyler. Great job!

    • I agree. they hurt a lot. Vinegar is a good tip, but the taste…. Ugh– lol – the pantser in me thinks Mike will be the bees knees and Tyler won’t- but we shall see. LOL

  3. Oh, dear. That didn’t work out well for her. She sure didn’t get the results she was hoping for. I’m curious to see what lies ahead in this story!

    • Lol. Sure didn’t. Lol

  4. I love how well you capture the pov of a young girl, how she’s worried about the wrong thing and doesn’t have much self-confidence. It’s perfect I’m intrigued. I hope she’s going to get Tyler to ask her to the prom!!

    • thanks, Jean. That means a lot. She is def going to have a challenge ahead.

  5. Ugh! Charlie horses are literally the worst. Love that she got their attention. Too bad it was the wrong guy. Great job!

    • Yep. They are- and yep, too bad on the wring guy, LOL

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