Posted by: Author | May 15, 2023

Tuesday Tales- May 16, 2023- Picture Prompt

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to a picture prompt. We are limited to 300 words this week.

Be sure to pop by and read the other tales here.

“Will you be all right or do you need help going home?” Mike asked.

“I’ll be fine. I’m goose sitting for some people who live down this road and have to go check on the geese. Once I’m done there, I’ll head home. Should be fine. Thanks for your help.” Brenda Sue hobbled off, hoping Tyler wasn’t looking at her like she was a loser.

She stopped at the mailbox and gathered the mail before leaving it inside the door of the home then headed out to be sure the geese had their evening meal. Her leg muscle was still tight but she thought she would make it home okay. It wasn’t that far.

Out in the yard, she flung out more of the feed and the geese swarmed around her as if they hadn’t eaten in thirty years as opposed to just that morning. “Do you usually get fed all day? Or think you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet?”

None of the geese answered her but one actually nipped at her shin. “Hey, stop that. I’m feeding you as fast as I can. You’re an ungrateful wretch.”

Something trickled down her leg. Brenda Sue looked down. A stream of blood. “Great, you nasty beast, you’ve cut my leg now.” She dumped the bowl of feed on the ground and turned sharply to escape from the mad frenzy that ensued when the food hit the ground.

As she tried to run away, her left ankle twisted and she fell to the ground, conking her head on a rock.



  1. That poor girl. She seems to have nothing but bad luck. Hoping things turn around for her. Great scene.

    • Yeah. I am liking torturing her. LOL

      • LOL Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

      • 🙂

  2. OMG! Goose attack! And then you leave her there, helpless, and make us wait another week to find out how she is?? You’re cruel. But it’s a beautiful cliffhanger. Great job.

    • LOL! Thanks. I like doing those with TT. NOT in a book though- I believe in giving all the details in a book. LOL

  3. Oh no! Oh my gosh! Poor girl. I hope Mike (and Tyler I suppose, though he seems standoffish) sees her quick and helps. How is she going to dance? Hey, I had a conked head, too.

    • Can’t wait to read your conked head snippet! LOL! and yeah, she’s up for klutz of the year here. Can’t stay on her feet to dance. LOL

  4. Darn geese. Always pinching a person! Great snippet.

    • Yep. They can be mean for sure. Lol


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