Posted by: Author | May 22, 2023

Tuesday Tales- May 23, 2023- Wicked

The writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt wicked this week. I am still in the contemporary I was writing but it has taken a veer into fantasyland. The joys of not plotting ahead…. LOL

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Brenda Sue woke with a wicked headache. Her eyes took a moment to focus and she almost shrieked when one of the geese was staring right down in her face.

“You all right there, girly?” The goose asked.

Brenda Sue shook her head to clear it. Surely that goose did not just speak to me. I’m concussed for sure.

She tried to sit up, but nausea flooded over her. She put her head back on the ground and closed her eyes. I’ll just wait for it to pass. It’ll pass.

“Maybe we should try to help her up,” someone said. Brenda Sue had no idea who since last she looked, she was alone with six geese.

“You shouldn’t have bit her, Gladys.”

“She was too slow. We’re all ready to lay our eggs and she was dragging around throwing out feed so slow. You know how much hungrier I get when it’s time to lay.”

“You’re doing nothing to help the girl now. We need to get her up and out of here before she realizes we’re talking about her.”

“I can hear you,” Brenda Sue said before she could stop herself. What am I doing talking to these birds? Hope no one comes along and hears me. I’m losing my mind.

She tried again to sit up. Her head felt like a cracked egg.

“No you can’t.”

Brenda Sue opened one eye and peered up at the closest goose. “I know it’s not real but if you’d quit talking, I could maybe focus and get up. I need to go home.”

“Madge, get behind the girl with me and help me sit her up. The sooner we can get her out of here, the sooner we can roost and lay our eggs. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired and want to go roost for the night.”

Betty Sue really wanted to go and was surprised when two of the geese got behind her and, using their beaks, pushed her shoulders until she was fully sitting up. This cannot be really happening. These are animals, not people.

She put her hand on her head. “I have to go. This is crazy.”



  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful surprise! I love this! I hope she is not dreaming.

    • Lol- I hope she’s not either. HEHEHE

  2. I loved this! Half laughing and half surprised, I’m wondering what’s going to happen next? Did the bump on the head enable her to hear the geese? I hope so. This is proving to be an amazing story!

    • thanks, Jean. I am also curious about what happened here. It was a surprise to me too. LOL

  3. Love this. The conversation between the geese is hilarious. Looking forward to more.

    • thanks. I thought it added an element of fun! glad it made you smile.

  4. Nothing like talkative geese! Loved it.

    • Hahah. Yep. Fun.

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