Posted by: Author | August 8, 2010

Salt, the Movie (spoilers ahead)

I went to see Salt with two of my friends and I enjoyed it as a escapist movie but have to say that there was pretty much ZERO realism in the thing.   I had to call bull s**t  several times in the course of the movie.    There was even a point where I said, “if she gets up again, I’m leaving.”  – That’s a quote from my son from when we watched the fourth Die Hard movie and the Asian woman kept coming back for more beating.   This was kind of like that movie in a lot of ways.

One of the men acted totally out of character at the very end in the helicopter. How can you be a “by the book” law officer all through the movie and then at the end, betray that? I’m all for twists in movies and I like the one involving Liev in this one, but that last thing the dude in the helicopter did was just wrong. For his character, that is.  AND another question? Didn’t the film makers realize just how cold the Potomac River is when there is snow on the ground? How fast people could freeze in that water?

My main reason for going was Liev Schreiber. He is such an amazing actor, I could watch him in the worst of movies. He is very mesmerizing on screen and I just think he’s fantastic. This film was no exeption. He was spot on.   So, for fans of Liev who can set aside their bull s**t factor, I say, “go see it.”  But, if impossible tricks annoy you, stay away.

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