Posted by: Author | August 10, 2010

Request for Re-Write

My historical story is getting some attention- I’m glad as I was told by a chapter member that  it would never sell-  I got a re-write request from an editor last night and I have also received a request for a full at National RWA conference – that editor said one of the other editors at her company would be very interested in it.  It seems I need to add some more historical detail to it as well as descriptions of places.   The editor in last night’s email said the dialogue was “snappy.”   I like that she thought so.  I love good dialogue and feel great when someone compliments mine.

As to the historical part, the funny thing is, I made a real effort to not make too much of it “history” as I didn’t want to bore my potential readers.   Shows what I know, huh?  I love the era of this story and have a ton of knowledge on it so it should be a cinch to fix.  I hope so, anyway.

I’m glad to be transitioning from straight rejections to re-write requests.  I hope this progress continues and that I’m due for the “call” soon.


  1. So happy for you, Jillian! Get to work!

    • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

  2. Congratulations. Fingers crossed that they buy. Also, like the new look of your blog. RitaVF

    • Thanks Rita. I kept losing my side panel so I changed the blog background. The pic is Pensacola Beach on Christmas Day 2009.

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