Posted by: Author | December 9, 2010

Going to TSO Today

My annual trip to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert is today. I have court this morning and then my 2 friends and I are off to New Orleans for the concert. It’ll be a wonderful time. I’m in the fan club so we aways get floor seats and great ones at that. The band is amazing and we love them. They have a huge fire, laser and light show. So cool- well, hot really- esp the fire.  My one friend, Corona Mona, always wears her sunglasses.  She’s so funny wearing them at night in an arena. I really think they need a warning on the doors for people with epilepsy. The strobe lights can be very intense. It’s a grand time.

One of my friends that has never been to a TSO concert always comments that I’m going to see Mannheim SteamRoller. UH-NO!! Totally different. TOTALLY!!!! Geez.

The other fun thing we’ll do is shop a bit on Friday. There’s this wonderful little bookstore in the Quarter that I love. The books are all turned this way and that and stacked to the ceilings. My claustrophobia kicks in a bit in the back but I love to putz around in there. This year, I’m on a quest for a new  quote book. I am a quote hound and need some new material. Wish me luck!!

Friday Facts may be late- we’ll see!


  1. ENJOY! 🙂

    • Thanks Lynn!

  2. Have fun, Jillian! Eat some beignets for me!!

    • Thanks Danica- I will!!! On both counts- fun and fried food

  3. Hope it was wonnderful. Have a great time shopping today. Good luck on the book hunt.

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