Posted by: Author | December 11, 2010

Friday Fact on Saturday-Hodad-December 11, 2010

I was too tired when I got home Friday evening to think about a Friday Fact- so, this Friday Fact is a Saturday Fact instead. Today’s fact is  Hodad.  Anyone know what a hodad is?? And no, a hodad is not the father of one of the women you might see on the streets of New Orleans (do you like how I slid in that New Orleans reference since I just got back from  there?)

I thought this would be a good fact to bring up since I recently sold my book entitled Surfer Bride, to SirenBookStrand. 

A Hodad is a wanna be surfer. Usually someone that hangs out at the beach and acts like they can surf when they actually have never been on a board, or maybe have been on one and can’t stand up on it or can’t ride very well. Being called a hodad is not a compliment. 

If you’re a newbie, a true surfer soul will help you learn to surf well. If the surf crowd sees you over and over at the beach and you just hang about acting cool, they can spot you for a fake and you’re done for!!  Luckily, the writers I have met are a lot more tolerant of newbies and will help in any way they can and won’t call you out as a fake!! LOL!

There are actually several beach bars in this country called Hodad’s. Wonder how many non-surfers get what it means? I bet not a lot.


  1. A new vocabulary word for me. Thanks for sharing. I can always count on something interesting on Friday or Saturday as the case may be.

    • thanks for popping in. Thought I’d told you about hodad’s before.

  2. Maybe I’ve learned so many great words and interesting facts from you over the years, it may be buried there in the recesses. Of course if you think you did you probably did and I never doubt you =)

    • HAHAHA- you know the 3 words.

  3. Never heard of this. I’ll have to ask my mom about it as she was a surfer growing up. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for popping in, Ciara. My kiddo is a surfer and I used all his jargon in my book. I’m a klutz so I just body surf!

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