Posted by: Author | March 28, 2011


I started a new WIP last week with the setting as the Queen Mary. I’m pleased with how well it’s going. I’m on Chapter Five already. It’s moving along nicely. The murder is coming very soon. I’ve set it up where there are a plethora of choices as to who dun it. I almost feel like I’m writing a Murder She Wrote episode, a Columbo episode or a Matlock episode. You know how they all show at the beginning all the people the victim is mean to or antagonizes? Well, that’s about what I’ve done.  It’s going to be fun to try to solve this one. Maybe it’ll be like Murder on the Orient Express and everyone will get a lick in.  LOL!  Nope, they won’t- for a change, I already know who dun it and with what.  I usually find out when the whole thing is almost written but not this time!!  Yeah, I can hear you now. “That Jillian is so cocky, she just thinks she knows who the villain is. She’s only 11,000 words into the thing, what does she know?”

But anyway, I’m happy so far and having fun is what it’s all about, right?  I have two potential working titles. One is A Taste of Honey and the other is Barefootin’.  I haven’t decided on which is better.  They’re both relevant.


  1. Congrats on such great progress. I’m so impressed with people who can write mysteries. I can’t do it. Keep on writing and keep us posted. 🙂

    • thanks Ciara. I hope I can write them- this is just the second one. The first one, I finished the first draft on March 8 and am letting it sit a while before I go back and edit and see what a mess I have. LOL!

  2. It sounds intriguing. It doesn’t matter which you name it, it’s gonna be good.

    • Thanks. I hope so. I wrote more last night in Tallahassee so, am in middle of Ch 5.

      • Feel free to share any time =)

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