Posted by: Author | March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to #2 Son

Today is birthday #17 for my youngest son. He’s like me in many ways but unlike me in many ways as well.  He’s much more laid back and casual than me. I’m very much a Type-A personality and he’s a musician type.  He’s very intelligent which I’m sure he gets from me.  LOL!  I’m very proud of him even though he sends me over the edge sometimes with the lackadaisical attitude.  He’s generous and outgoing. I despair of him sometimes as he will give his lunch money to someone that has none and do without food himself. I love that about him but as a mother, I worry about him for that same thing, too.

He loves his guitars and also loves history and politics.  He has an amazing, wicked smile that he only bestows on people once in a while. It lights up his face but he tries not to show it often.  I’ve never figured out why he’s reluctant to smile.  But I guess it means more since it’s not bestowed very often. He’s a doll and I’m blessed to be his mother.   Happy birthday, kiddo!


  1. Happy Birthday to him indeed. He’s always been such an interesting guy. Don’t know where the time goes. It doesn’t seem like that many years ago they were just little guys jumping in the inflatable for his birthday.

    • Yep and we are getting older, too. Can’t be true, can it?

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