Posted by: Author | August 1, 2011


I picked up this book by Heather Graham at the RWA national conference in NYC last month. I’m a big fan of Heather, another Florida resident.This book did not disappoint. The setting is one I particularly love- the plantation area of Louisiana near New Orleans.  Jackson Square in the city is also a part of the story. I love to read about places that I know and love, but that was just part of the charm of the story.

The story centers around a family that owns a plantation called Donegal Plantation. During the Civil War, there was a skirmish on the property and the man of the house was killed. Every year, the family hosts a reenactment of the “battle” which was really just a bar brawl.

The man playing the role of the man of the house that was killed goes missing after the reenactment and the heroine is convinced something has happened to him.

Enter the hero- the former lover of the heroine- he’s part of an elite team at the FBI that investigates paranormal events. 

Heather Graham’s light touch on the paranormal always makes me happy. Her stories feature ghosts and they are woven into the story in such a way that the reader doesn’t feel like she’s being beat over the head with something that would never be possible. 

This is another great read from Ms. Graham and I recommend it.


  1. Wow. Your summary of the story seems so different from the book cover. I know this cover is in line with Heather’s other covers, but the story feels like so much more than this cover conveys. I think, based on your review, I’m going to have to check this out, Jillian. It sounds very intriguing, so thanks for the recommendation.

    • OH NO!! The pressure is on. LOL! I hope you like it based on my thoughts about it.

  2. I really like Heather Graham books. Thanks for the review.

    • I like her, too. She’s not a “beat you over the head” writer. Subtle is good.

  3. When I received this book, I was so shocked ! the house on the front cover is a house I have been dreaming about since I was a very young girl. I am 60 now and as I read through the book I have been through every room in this house except in the attic. I could never get the door opened. And I would always wake up. I still have this dream to this day. I have tried to find the house just to go inside and find out why I couldn’t get into the attic and in hopes I would see whith my own eyes. I loved the book . I have read a lot of her books, and loved all that I have read so far.

    • Awesome story, Gert. I wonder what the dream means. By the way, I think the house was based on THE OAKS Plantation near New Orleans. I’ve been there and it seems like the house.

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