Posted by: Author | August 2, 2011

Gelato tour of Italy

Gelato is Italian for ice cream. Their ice cream is much thicker and creamier than ours. It’s just wonderful. I had several varieties while in Italy. My favorite has to be the dark chocolate with the thin little chocolate shavings in it. They weren’t really shavings, they weren’t chocolate chips, rather, they were more like chocolate sticks- I can’t really describe them- kind of like a thick sprinkle is the best I can do. Anyway, they were dark chocolate and the whole thing was just yummy.

I also had one called a gelato truffle. It was chocolate cake with an ecru cream inside and then gelato underneath- both chocolate and vanilla.  One other good dessert was chocolate cake with warm chocolate sauce in the inside of the cake, served with blueberries and vanilla gelato. 

I can’t believe I went to Italy and never got a cannoli. I’m a big cannoli fan but I did the gelato tour this time around.

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  1. Oh my word that looks so yummy. Now I’m wanting to eat that stuff! You’re a tease!

  2. Oh, man, am I hungry all of a sudden. lol I have to send this blog link to my friends who found gelato one of the favorite things about their visit to Italy, also. 🙂

    • COOL! And I mean, that- literally- cool gelato- ahhh!

  3. WOW! I knew you’d bring back food blogs. And, I’m having a love – hate thing with them. There’s ice cream then there’s ICE CREAM. Thanks for sharing (I think). 🙂

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