Posted by: Author | September 8, 2011

A Tale of Two Movies & One Actress

This past weekend, I was able to enjoy two movies. I went to see The Debt and The Help. They were very different films and both were good. The Debt  was set in both 1997 and 1967ish- it was well acted and interesting.

The Help was based in 1962 and was also well acted. The difference is that this one oozed talent from the young actors and the costumes and setting were wonderfully done. The clothes were spot on for the era and I loved the old buildings in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.

The daughter of Ron Howard was deliciously evil as Hilly Holbrook. You can tell she’s worked hard on her craft even though she was born with stellar genes.  The two women that played the maids, Minny and Aibileen were all kinds of wonderful as well. But the actress I want to talk about here on this post is Jessica Chastain.

You see, she was in both of the movies I saw this weekend and she was so good and so believable in both roles that if I didn’t know both of the characters were her, I’d never have guessed it. She played Celia in The Help and she was delightful as the woman from the other side of the tracks that no one wanted to be friends with because of the odious Hilly. Jessica was in a bleached blond wig and dressed provocatively and she was such a great drunk in one scene in particular.

In The Debt, Jessica plays young Rachel (the 1967 version of Helen Mirren). She was awesome in the role. It was a very serious role. She played a kick ass Mossad agent. She shone in the part. The movie was quite dark and each time she appeared on screen, she lit up the celluloid. She was worth the price of admission when all along I thought I was going to see Ciaran Hinds and Helen Mirren.

I see great things in this young woman’s future, and I, for one, plan to follow her career.

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  1. I just started reading “The Help” and both of those movies are on my list to see. I wanted to see them before reading your blog and now they are “MUST SEE”.

    • They are both good- quite different than each other, but excellent. If you can only get to one, definitely go to The Help.

  2. I want to read “The Help,” but can’t find the time. I’ve seen some controversial things said about the depiction of the women. I have too many of my fellow author books to read right now. 🙂 I think I’ll see the movie, though.

    • That was exactly why I went to the movie instead. No time to read and I have two books to write. It was controversial I believe because it hit close to home for the people who would like to erase that part of our country’s past. It hurt my heart but being a southerner, I knew people like that even into the 1970s. Very sad.

  3. I really want to see The Help. The problem is I need to read the book first and I haven’t been sitting down and doing much pleasure reading at all lately. I NEED to get back to that. 🙂

    • I never read the book and I enjoyed the heck out of the movie- well, maybe enjoy isn’t quite the right word as parts were just tragic and sad for us as a country.

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