Posted by: Author | September 9, 2011

Friday Facts- September 9, 2011- Red and Yellow and Hunger

If you’ve ever wondered why restaurants are usually red or yellow on the outside, it’s because the colors make a person hungry. Red is the color that stimulates the heart rate and causes excitement and energy. Yellow is associated with speed. So there ya go, fast food and jiffy stores like to use these colors to attract customers.


  1. I knew it wasn’t my fault I always wanted junk food. 🙂

    • Yeah. I agree. It’s all their fault. I’m in. Lol

  2. Fast is all I need to know. That and “no dishes” is the other clincher for me

  3. Now I thinking I might be better off color blind. But nooooo then I wouldn’t enjoy the roses.

    • You’re right- we need the pretty flowers!

  4. Hmmm. Now I’m hungry. Time for breakfast. 🙂

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