Posted by: Author | September 16, 2011

Friday Facts- September 16, 2011- Emeralds

Long prized by the upper classes of Egypt, the emerald, a type of  gem called beryls, was rumored to be the favorite of Cleopatra- she even had her own mine of them. Interestingly, Elizabeth Taylor, who played Cleopatra in a film version of the story with Richard Burton, received emeralds from him as both engagement and wedding gifts (maybe not so interestingly- as it was the film where they fell in love, right?)

Anyway, Emeralds are said to bring luck in love as well as faithfulness. It also gives the wearer wisdom. Let’s hope it brings wisdom in choosing love as well, right?

The emerald is May’s birthstone. It has healing properties for the eyes, lungs, and heart, by tradition.

My dear friend, Arabella Stokes has a Georgian historical romance coming out in November with Champagne Books and she got an awesome cover. It’s this cover that inspired today’s Friday Fact. Check it out:


  1. Pretty cover and great Friday fact. Go Arabella!!

  2. That is a sweet cover. Congrats to Arabella! And TGIF, Jillian.

  3. I love emeralds. A beautiful cover.

    • It is lovely. The stones are beautiful as well.

  4. That’s a pretty cover. I live in Georgia so I might have to look at this one. 🙂

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