Posted by: Author | September 18, 2011

Music and How Important It Is To My Process

About two weeks ago, the Tuesday after Labor day, I started writing the second book in the Gambler Series. I had a general idea of who the hero is since he’s the brother of the hero in book one, but he was just mentioned in passing as a ladies man in book one, so I had a lot of leeway with him. I knew he was going to be an American who joined the Royal Air Force at the time of the Blitz because he wanted to be part of the action. 

I also knew my heroine was going to be French and part of the Resistance. I also knew she was going to sneak on board the Queen Mary as the ship repatriated the war brides. I knew there would be murders in the story.  

That was about all I knew. As most of you know, I’m a panster and may have a general idea of the story but never the whole thing or an outline. I like the journey of discovery too much for that. I also usually have a soundtrack for each story. I’d been listing some potential songs for book two as well as book three of this series but had not downloaded them or really listened to them as a playlist, per se, before I started writing because I wasn’t sure I was going to write them. I pitched book one as the first in a series and if the publisher didn’t want two and three, I wasn’t going to spend the time writing them yet.

The first days were hard. The words weren’t flowing. Then I went to lunch with two writer friends. I was bemoaning the fact that the words were dragging out of me and then the lightbulb went on. DUH- I hadn’t immersed myself in the music I’d chosen. I normally listen to the specific play list in the car, at my office while I work on legal stuff and pretty much anytime I can have it going. So, that night, I downloaded the song list I’d made for book two and started listening. Guess what? The faucet turned on and the words flowed.  How wild is that?

Some of the songs on the playlist are still mysteries as to why my  brain chose them, but the subconscious is a powerful thing and I know the reasons are there. I’ll discover them on the journey. I’ll share that list soon. For now, I’ll share one song that I thought meant one thing to the hero and I discovered on Saturday as I wrote that there was a whole other subplot there for him.


  1. Great song for a story playlist. I was having trouble looking at it in relation to writing because I couldn’t get past Kenny Rogers trying to perform pop music. I love the man, but country’s his thing, in my mind. 🙂 Thanks for finding and showing us this great clip!

    • Laurie- both my father and I talk about how much we liked Kenny Rogers when he was a pop singer. He turned to the dark side when he went country! LOL!

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