Posted by: Author | September 24, 2011

I Love the Way My Kid’s Brain Works

#1 son sent me an email asking me to go to Sam’s and buy two jumbo jars of Jif peanut butter and ship them to him. He’s not digging the UK version of peanut butter.  It’s too runny and gritty.  I told #2 son about his brother’s request and he killed me with his immediate comment.

He said, “George Washington Carver’s  invention didn’t translate well over there and they won’t import it because they hate his name.”

Dear God, the boy could write a Friday Fact for me, couldn’t he? LOL!


  1. Yep he could. I love Friday Facts. Keep them coming.

    • Who knows, I might be talking about peanut butter next week or where George W. Carver got his name. Lol

  2. OMGosh! That is hilarious! You definitely have to do a Friday Facts on this.

    • Yeah. He’s a real wit and quick with it, too. LOL!

  3. That is too funny. 🙂

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