Posted by: Author | September 26, 2011

Driving Time

Once a month, I go to a city three hours away one way. I sometimes go over the the night before but the Sunday afternoon drivers are insane. Rush, rush. It stresses me out.  So, I like to go over the morning of the court appearances. I don’t really like the getting up between 4 and 4:30, because I’m so paranoid that I’ll miss the alarm that my body wakes me up every hour so I get no real good rest. I like the predawn drive, though as it is quiet and all the crazy drivers are usually still abed.

I use this time on the road to think out plot problems and to think about what comes next in the story. Today was quite productive on the way over (I’m still here as I write this)- I figured out how to make sure my heroine,  Zoe, doesn’t  act too stupid to live, I figured out how they are going to solve the crimes and the last chapter came to me fully formed, complete with witty dialogue!  So, hopefully, tonight I can remember it all and type that puppy!  This is the way I work. I write some in order, some random chapters to be inserted and usually the end before I get to the middle.  Yep, it’s weird, but strangely, it works for me.


  1. I carry a digital recorder with me in the car for just this purpose. You had a VERY productive drive this morning!

    • I DID- came to courthouse and jotted it all down in the parking lot. Off to head home in a few!

  2. I love when that happens! I dreamed a chapter this weekend and brainstormed it for 2 hours on Saturday morning. I’m almost ready to write!

    • Cool. I know it will be great. By the way, how was the reading/signing?

  3. I write the story in my head too. I’m a pantster so I like to write a little then do something that doesn’t take a lot of brain power like vacuum or dust or ??? while I plot the next scene or dialog. So far I have stayed in sequence though. Funny because I read around in a book. Especially if I can’t finish it. I usually start out and get the characters in my head, then I used to jump to the back and read, then back to the where I left off, then to the back again. Now because it messes up the mysteries I’ve been reading the back of just the chapter I’m on. It makes for re-reading of course but that’s good.

    • That cracks me up, Lavada because I never, ever skip around in a book when I’m reading. Too funny. I’m with you on getting up and doing other things to get the brain in another direction.

  4. Your process sounds a lot like mine. I start out in order, too, then go off the grid and write whatever comes next. I heard it’s called ‘Puzzle Writing’. I just love driving. Just a trip to the grocery store and back yielded me quite a lot on Saturday morning. Glad that you got what you needed for your wip!


    • I love that term puzzle writing. I had never heard that before. I’m gonna use it.

      I’m not a big fan of the driving thing. I would rather be driven. LOL! But I did get a lot of thinking done.

      Thanks for coming by, Linda!

  5. I first saw that term used by Lisa Mondella, who writes for Steeple Hill. Here’s a link you might want to check out:


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