Posted by: Author | September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Pretty!

  2. Great picture. Is that our sky? Again I have to say you do a great job with perspective in your photography.

    • All the sky is our sky here on Earth! LOL! But this was taken in Santa Monica, California as the sun set.

  3. Beautiful. You made me look outside. No clouds here at the moment. That’s a good omen for the day here.

    • COOL! We had a beautiful group of clouds here this morning with a wonderful super wide rainbow- did I have my camera? NO!!

  4. Beautiful picture. I like looking at clouds and seeing pictures. I can always see the ocean in them. I’m glad you posted it today, I had cataract surgery yesterday and couldn’t see for most of the day. Today I’m fine, in fact better than fine. It’s a good time to be alive with all they can do for us.

    • I’m glad the surgery went well, Lavada. And, yeah, medicine has definitely come a long way. I’m a cloud watcher for sure. I love the sky!

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