Posted by: Author | September 30, 2011

Friday Facts-September 30, 2011- Bernadette

Saint Bernadette

Saint Bernadette was a Christian Mystic. She became a saint in 1933. The name Bernadette means Brave as a Bear. The woman who became a saint saw her first vision of Mary, the mother of Jesus, at age 14. The location was where the shrine at Lourdes was built. This shrine is a hea
Ing spring, Her feast day is April 16.

I chose this name as the name of the heroine in Book Three of the Gambler’s Inheritance series when I was on an airplane writing the proposal for the three book series. I had no access to the internet. And I find it pretty cool that my brain pulled all the info for this name out of the subconscious. This heroine has visions and she was born in 1948. The third book is set in 1972. The most popular year for the name Bernadette was 1946. The name is usually used by Roman Catholics of Irish descent. My heroine in book one of the series who is the mother of Bernadette, is irish Catholic. Interesting that all this stuff was somehow in my head.



  1. Doesn’t it give you chills when a name comes together like that. I alwasy check my characters names after I pick them to see what they mean. It’s eery how often it matches the story.

    By the way, good choice. Bernadette is the name I chose for my confirmation. She’s a cool chick. 🙂

    • It does give chills. I always look mine up, too. I love that you picked Bernadette for your very own.

  2. Great Friday fact, Jillian! And I find it hysterical you remembered all of that when you were without access to the internet.

    • I didnt remember it. Lol. I just decided on the name and when I got a chance to research it, it all fit. So, I presume it was in my head, buried deep.

  3. Names are really important to me. When we were raising miniature horses I always waited until the foals personalities immersed to name them. Though there have been exceptions when I had a name picked out and was waiting for the right critter to use it on. Like our little Abigail. Abby is a Jack Russell and the name is perfect for her.

    • Cute. I love jack russells. Hyper but cute. I like that you wait for the personalities to develop. That’s awesome.

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