Posted by: Author | October 18, 2011


Calliope is the muse of epic and heroic poetry and Erato is the muse of love and erotic poetry. Erato carries a lyre and Calliope carries a writing tablet.  I always thought my muse was Erato, not because I write erotic stories but because I write love stories. But lately, I’m thinking more along the line that Calliope is my muse since I love my  heroes so much. I like the fact she carries a writing tablet because I don’t go anywhere without one. I never in a million years believe I could write an epic. I tend to write short and tight. To me, epics are long and rambling, but I sure like the idea of Calliope as my muse. And, with all the stuff going on in my head, it sort of sounds like a steam calliope.  LOL.


Here’s some pics of the two muses I took in the Vatican Museum in Rome.





  1. When I see, or think about a calliope, I’m reminded of my stint as a cocktail waitress on the Mississippi Queen when I was scalded by boiling hot dog water. I was supposed to bring the hot dogs to the calliope bar, but ended up on a swing at the bow of the steamboat being wrapped up like a mummy by the first mate while a ton of engineers and deck hands watched. Ah, memories!

    I think I’ll stick with Erato, LOL No bad memories there!

    • Well, we’re they at least good looking? Was it worth it to get wrapped? Lol. Glad the only scars you have are mental and not physical. Erato is a perfectly fine muse. I’ve used and abused her for years.

  2. I love mythology. In fact, I still have my paperback from high school that is an introduction to all the mythological characters. Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. You’ve made me pull it out for a look. I’ve got my maiden name written inside and…here’s where I REALLY date myself…my phone number at the time. It starts out: GR4-XXXX. Lordy, how many years has it been since we used letters in phone numbers? lol

    OMG. I just looked at the copyright on the book. 1940 and 1942. I’m not that old, folks. Really I’m not. 🙂

    • Snicker. Love the copyright date comment Lol. I have the same Edith Hamilton book. Used it both in high school and college. I love it so much, I took it both places. I knew we were friends for a reason.

  3. Mythology is my favorite subject. I’ve been lost int he Louvre for hours (13) opening to close one time. I couldn’t tear myself away from the art. I can’t wait to go to Greece one day.

    • I love that you spent 13 hours in the Louvre. How wonderful that had to be. I hope you get to Greece.

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