Posted by: Author | October 17, 2011

Sorry for the Absence

Usually, I try to do a crap-ton of blog posts on Sunday evening and set them to show up over the course of the week, but I had this crazy story in my head all day yesterday buzzing like a gnat. It would not leave me  be and so I was compelled at bug-point to write the dang thing.  Close to 6,000 words and I still have some to add.  So, the posts had to wait. Here’s today’s such as it is.  Happy Monday and may you have no pests in your head. 


  1. I want some pests like yours. I’ve been struggling with motivation to write lately. NOT good.

    • I’ll box them up and ship you some out there. I hope you find your motivation soon!

  2. The pests come and go. I am unusually content with my place in the world at the moment, and even more unusual, my place in my head.

    • me, too – I like my head most of the time- I was just bemoaning the change in plans. I am quite happy with how the story turned out.

  3. Yes, but your pests give you nearly complete manuscripts in one setting. Short, sellable manuscipts! Send me some bugs!


    • Sending them your way, Linda. BZZZ, BZZZ, BZZZ

  4. You know, I just can’t call 6,000 words “pesty”. Well done, my friend!

    • heheehe. I can – ONLY because every time I tried to do something else, I was compelled to sit back down and keep typing.

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