Posted by: Author | November 10, 2011

Sebastian’s Salvation

So, the story previously known as Tormented is now known as Sebastian’s Salvation. I am thankful to everyone for the brainstorming efforts and have to credit my beta reader, Margo, for the Salvation idea.  She’s awesome. 

The thing I’ve noticed, though is all my Siren-BookStrand books start with an “S” – so, the question becomes, will I have to forevermore write books for BookStrand and want to name them something starting with an “S”? Probably so,  because that’ s the way I roll.  I like symmetry.


  1. Sounds like you didn’t plan to start the titles with an ‘S’ strange. My first 3 books have a house that prominent. I didn’t realize it until one day a reader commented. Easy to believe there’s another person lurking in authors.

    • Good way to put it, Lavada. That makes sense because sometimes when I’m going back thru a draft, I see foreshadowing of things I didn’t know (consciously) were coming. I love that you had a house in yours.

      Solo Honeymoon was actually the 3rd title of that book, too.

  2. Ooooh, I really like that title. And it’s very possible the whole “S” thing will be guiding your sub-conscious for future stories. If it fits the story and sounds as good as “Sebastion’s Salvation”, I say go for it. 🙂 Congrats again on the contract.

    • Thanks, Laurie. I think it fits the story although Tormented really fit it better but there ya go! LOL! I heard from several people that know titles that Sebastian’s Salvation is much more likely to be picked up and read. Thanks for the congrats again

  3. I really, really like Sebastian’s Salvation! I think it works perfectly! SO glad I was able to be there for you!!!!!

    Major congrats!!!!! SO proud of you!!!!

    • Thanks for the brainstorm. Love ya and I owe you a long email when I get home from my trip.

  4. I’m a symmetrical kind of gal, too. 🙂 I totally get this.

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