Posted by: Author | December 23, 2011

Friday Facts- December 23, 2011-Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace started out as the palace of Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York. He built it in 1514.  Legend has it that Henry VIII badgered the man until he gave it up to the king.  He was allowed to keep an apartment there until he fell from favor and was arrested.

The plan is to head to Hampton Court Palace to see the wonderful architecture of the castle said to be the favorite of Henry VIII. They also have a 1540 Christmas Celebration with Henry and his wife, Kathryn Howard.  I can’t wait to see this place. I’ve got a family connection to the Tudor Court and this is going to be fabulous. I’m sure I’ll give you all lots of details when I get home. For now, Merry Christmas, 1540 style.



  1. I’m still so jealous *sniff* 🙂 Have fun and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Danica. Happy Christmas as they say over here.

  2. I’m with Danica. Jealous as all heck. 🙂 Have a blast and a great Christmas!

    • Thanks Laurie. You would not be jealous if your poor feet hurt like mine do right now. Lol

  3. WOW!!!
    Merry Christmas

    • Wow indeed. I’ll be posting some awesome pics when I get back.

  4. ENjoy!! One of my favorite places. Check out the area by the chaptel. Haunted? RB

    • Agreed Rita. Beautiful. And yeah, I think so.

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