Posted by: Author | December 30, 2011

Friday Facts-December 30, 2011- Union Jack

The Union Jack is the current flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and was designed in 1801. There are three crosses on the flag. One is the Cross of St. George who is the patron saint of England, one is the cross of St. Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland. The third is the cross of St. Andrew, who is the patron saint of Scotland. Wales is not represented on this flag.  The blue field on the bottom with the white cross is the St. Andrew cross. The top red cross with the white edging is the St.George cross and the white field under that top cross with the red stripe is St. Patrick’s cross. I think it’s a neat combination of the three lands’ flags.

The apartment where we  stayed in London had a Union Jack framed over the table. We decided it was a bath mat that the owner had stapled to a wood frame. It has the texture of such a mat. Here’s a photo: 


  1. Aha! A Friday Fact I actually already KNEW. 🙂 I learned about this on our trip to London a few years ago. I was so taken with the thought behind this design that I devoted an entire scrap book page to it…without putting a single picture of us on it! 🙂

    • AWESOME!! I love it. And I love that you scrapbooked it. Cool!

  2. Great concept with that design. Hope you’re feeling better. I’m slowly recovering but then I had the luxury of staying home and sleeping it off. Great excuse for naps.

    • I thought it was pretty cool, too. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m working my way that way, too. Am now off til tuesday so hope to do the nap thing.

  3. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments and now I have found yours. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Uk. Happy New Year,

    • Thanks for finding me, too. Love the UK. Always have. Was a wonderful trip.

  4. Indeed, that is why we are not a huge fan of that flag in Wales.

    • I thought it was up unfair as well. After all, Wales is part of Great Britain. And a quite lowly part indeed.

  5. I’m just trying to figure out why anyone would turn their flag into a rug. An American Flag bath mat would offend all of my sensibilities. Maybe it was made for decoration only. Interesting

    • Lots of countries don’t have rules about their flag like we do. Our official flag code says not to do those things. But some folks do anyway.

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