Posted by: Author | January 2, 2012

A Good Start to 2012

I’ve had a pretty productive start to 2012.  While I was gone to London, I got the edits on my  two books coming out soon. I have a book to be released in February from Siren-BookStrand called Sebastian’s Salvation which is a bi-racial romantic suspense story. I also have a historical/mystery/romance book called The Gambler, which is book one in a series coming out from Desert Breeze Publishing in April. I’ve completed the first round edits on both of them this past weekend. I have to say that, having been through the editing process many times now, that the editors I drew on these two stories were quite wonderful to work with. These two edits have by far been the most angst-free for me. I know those of you who read this blog who are writers know how we can react if the editor doesn’t seem to “get” us. It’s always a stressor for me and I was so happy to have these two folks work with me on these stories.  They both seemed to respect my voice but helped to make the story stronger and have better flow. Invaluable assets, in my opinion.

Now comes the wait for part two edits and the cover art.  I’m shivering in anticipation!

I also have three short stories coming out in the next few months. First, sometime this month (turned in final proof on Saturday) is a story called Sophie’s Snow Day. In February, my story called The Coroner’s Heart will be out and sometime after that, my story called Boxers and Briefs will be coming. All these short stories are coming out with Still Moments Publishing in various anthologies- Snowbound Hearts is first, then Valentine’s Delights and finally, Spellbound Hearts.

Sophie’s Snow Day is a paranormal as is Boxers and Briefs. The Coroner’s Heart is a straight contemporary story.

I’ve been a busy bee and will shortly be getting my rear in gear to turn in The Gambler’s Brother, book two in The Gambler’s Inheritance series. I also hope to start a new WIP soon. Or maybe another short story for an anthology. Lots of ideas simmering.


  1. Glad the edits went well. I’ve been having great fun working on my story I hope to submit by the end of the week. When it’s good it’s really really good. Happy writing.

    • Thanks, D. They were surprisingly clean. Good luck with your story. Remember the commas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow. I need to write faster. lol Mega-congrats on what looks to be a HUGE year for you, Jillian. Hmmm. Not sure I can read that fast, though. lol

    • HhAHAHA. I can’t read that fast either. Sebastian’s Salvation was actually my NaNo story in 2010. Harlequin had it for 9 months- and still has it- they never rejected it, but I got tired of waiting and sent off elsewhere. The Gambler was written in the spring of 2011, so it’s not like I whipped them out in a week. LOL. I pitched them both at National in NYC.

  3. It certainly sounds like you’re feeling better. Congrat’s on all the new books for 2012.

    • Thanks Lavada. I noticed on Bookstrand that we are both releasing on Feb 14- although I have a feeling that I’ll be moved up. I have been with my last two releases.

  4. Happy to hear you had such a great start to 2012! Sounds like a good omen for the year to come. 🙂

  5. Congrats, Jillian!

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