Posted by: Author | March 15, 2012

Rigoletto, A review

I attended the opera on Sunday with my dear friend, Emmy. She’s such a great soul to be around. She’s always been a supportive friend and we have so many wonderful conversations, she is a joy in my life. On one of our excursions, we saw Jesus Christ Superstar and we both hated the production. It was a cacophony of sound and screeching. We laughed so hard on the way home, I thought I’d wreck the car. We decided if we could have fun even in the midst of that, that we were soul mates. Lol.

Sunday’s opera was a beautiful experience. The male singers are always my favorites and this time was no exception. The young man playing the duke was very hot. The first act, first scene he had on no shirt and in the third act, he took off his shirt again. Le sigh. He also rocked the boots and breeches look. They had this crazy huge codpiece on him in the first act as well. That cracked me up.

The gentleman playing Rigoletto was superb. His voice was beautiful and I got chills from the first notes of the show listening to him. The soprano playing the daughter was okay. She was one of those that I don’t really care for as she had a screech on the highest notes. Man, that can hurt. Deep down the ear canal.

The mezzo soprano who played Maddelena was excellent. She had a wonderful voice and the scene she played with the duke was awesome. They were sooo sexy together. I posted a song above I think you might recognize from the opera.

Oh, and I told Emmy when it was over that had the heroine been in a romance novel, she’d be one of the “too stupid to live” ones.


  1. I haven’t seen much opera. But it sounds like I’d have liked this one. Especially, the duke. 🙂

  2. Hi Jillian,
    I went to see Rigoletto years ago in Cambridge, U.K. with my Dad, an opera fan. I loved the music, especially La Donna e Mobile. In one of the scenes from the book I’ve written, I have Pavarotti’s version playing at an 80th Birthday party. I do wish that I could have seen Pavarotti sing before he passed away. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    • I would have loved to see him, too. Love that you have that in your WIP.

  3. Jillian you are a person that could never be bored. I love your enthusiasm for life and all it offers. I’m not into opera but it might be mainly because I haven’t been exposed to it.

    • Thanks Lavada. I’m a fan of lots of stuff. Opera is an acquired taste but once you go, you’ll love it.

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