Posted by: Author | March 16, 2012

Friday Facts- March 16, 2012- Xebec

An xebec is a ship that was used mostly on the Mediterranean Sea in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. They were used as trading vessels and were quite fast. They had unique overhangs on the bows that aided in their speed. They were lightweight and used by pirates and corsairs (privateers) as well.




  1. Had one of those moments where my mind went other places before it finished reading. I was playing X-Box with X-Men before I found a ship. Another interesting fact. Ships have always interested me. Maybe it’s from being the daughter of a sailor. Have a wonderful drama free weekend.

  2. Here if you need me. I’ve got on tennis shoes but can still kick butt if needed LOL

    • Thanks. So far, pretty good. Some minor drama.

  3. I should know this. After all, i wrote a pirate story. lol Hadn’t heard of this type of vessel until now, though. Thanks for the info. Drama-free weekend. I like how Darlene thinks.

    • Amen to Darlene. I got this Friday fact from the NYT crossword this week. It was new to me too.

  4. Thinking of you this weekend. Survive! Interesting fact. You dig up some great ones.

    • Thanks Lavada. I appreciate the good wishes. A far, so good. Fact is courtesy of NY times crossword this week.

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