Posted by: Author | March 17, 2012

Another Guest- Lynette Endicott

JILLIAN: My guest today is fellow Desert Breeze Publishing author, Lynette Endicott. She’s here to tell us about the origins of her new release, More Than A Job. We have an excerpt as well. Check it out! Sounds like a great read to me.

LYNETTE: Where the story came from: I have worked in the disability and rights and justice field for all my professional life. I still do quality reviews and consulting in organizations providing these services, and I see many different philosophies and level of quality. Besides telling Paige’s story of starting over – so many are reinventing today! — I also wanted to give a taste of some important values around services and around life.

Blurb: When Paige Hamilton is fired from her 10-year career, it is Josh Robinson who helps her pick up the pieces. A team of family members and friends walk with her as she starts a journey to a new life. All that is threatened when she learns who Joshua really is and blames him for a life-threatening injury to a close friend.


They had reached her car door. She unclipped her keys from her belt, and found the weight of them in her hand odd. Where she had carried a dozen keys — for her office, group homes, med cabinets, and fire alarm systems representing her job responsibilities — now she had only two. Her car key and her apartment key seemed very lonely on the large hook.

“You go ahead and sit, and I’ll bring your box.”

She kept her eyes on his back as he moved away and shivered in the autumn air, aware of the loss of his body heat. She popped open her trunk and waited for him, still standing, reluctant to drive away.

He placed the box into the trunk and turned, taking both her hands in his and examining her palms.

“You need a little first aid. I see you’re prepared.” His words were ironic, really. Would she have carried a first aid kit in her trunk if her job hadn’t required it? He nodded toward the mounted white box. “May I?”

“Thank you, yes.” Usually she would have said no. She didn’t like needing help and tended to push away such offers. She could take care of herself. But she didn’t want him to go just yet. His hands were warm and felt good holding hers.

He guided her to the driver’s seat where she sat sideways, feet on the pavement, while he got the first aid kit, then knelt to clean and dress the scrapes on her hands. He dabbed at her knees with the wipes, too, but appeared baffled by how to work around her torn hosiery.

“Here, let me. They’re ruined anyway.” She tore the fabric open at each knee, giving him full access to her wounds. He rested a palm on the side of one knee to steady his hand as he cleaned away the gravel. The gentleness of his fingers against her legs was very professional. So why did she sense a shiver of eroticism underneath his almost medical touch?

“You’re good at this,” she said, once the gauze pads were firmly in place, the bandages neat and tight. He gave her a little smile. “I’ve bandaged a few scrapes in my time.” He looked up, catching her in the rich chocolate of his eyes. “Never for so beautiful a patient, though. Now, which ankle is bothering you? Let me give it a look.”

Paige extended her left foot. “This one, although it’s better. I twisted it when I went down, but it’s not too sore. I don’t think it’s sprained.”

The man felt her ankle, probing a little. “No pain? I can wrap it for you if you want.”

“No, I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s nothing a little rest won’t fix. I’m okay, really.”

He nodded, snapped the first aid kit closed, and returned it to its rack, pushing down on the trunk lid to latch it, then wiping his hands with another wipe. He collected the trash, and she held out her hands for it. “There you go.”

“Thank you.” Such inadequate words. Without his gentle insistence, she might still be sobbing on the asphalt. She stuffed the trash into the bag by the seat and turned to look at him. “You’ve been so kind to me, and I don’t even know your name.” She extended a bandaged hand in greeting. “I’m Paige.”

“Joshua.” He grasped her hand gently in a handshake, then covered their joined hands with his other hand. “You gonna be all right, Paige?”

Drat it all. Sympathy undid her every time. She sucked in a quick breath, bit her lip, fought back her tears, and nodded. She sniffed, horrified her nose was running, and worse, turning red as tears gathered in her eyes. Time to get out of here. “I’ll be fine. Thanks for helping.”

“My pleasure. I hope we’ll meet again another day.”

Before she could question herself, before she could berate herself as a fool under stress, Paige gave in to an impulse. She leaned toward him where he bent over her, fished the pen from the breast pocket of his Western suit, and turned his hand palm up. She scribbled her cell phone number on the smooth brown surface, right along his long life line.

“If you mean it, call me in a week or two.” She loved the way his eyes widened, then crinkled in a smile. “Maybe I’ll be having a better day.”

“Count on it.”


  1. I love this excerpt. Your cover is great as well. I looked at it and immediately knew she’d lost her job. Well done! Best of luck with the book, Lynette. It sounds very emotional and poignant.
    And hi to Jillian! I hope your weekend is going well! Happy St. Patty’s Day to you both. And be grateful you’re not here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s snowing here this morning. In mid-March? Pretty darn unusual for us.

    • Thanks for coming by, Laurie. Lynnette’s book does sound awesome. Snow? Wow. It’s 85 here and sunny. So sorry you’re getting snow. Conference is pretty good.

  2. I agree with Laurie, loved the excerpt and cover Lynnette. I just hopped over to look at your website and learn a little more about you. I see you have another book coming out in August. AND, I ABSOLUTELY love your site. Wishing you the very best. Now I need to check out this book. Always great to find new authors.

    Jillian, I’m about 25 miles south of Laurie and no snow. But it’s cold out there. Glad the conference is going well.

    • Thanks for popping in, Lavada. You’re always so supportive. Drama-ville happened but all is good.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I love the cover – we have great cover artists at our publisher, huh? When Paige is free of her job she is also free to explore other things, including a budding romance and a family secret. Enjoy the read!

    • We do have some great covers! Thanks for coming in.

  4. Can’t wait to read the whole book!!!!

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