Posted by: Author | March 29, 2012

Page 77, 7 Lines Tag

I’ve been tagged by numerous friends, including, but not limited to, Liberty Blake, Paula Marin and Liv Rancourt, to do this and I’ve already posted one of these on Facebook for the Gambler’s Brother which comes out in October, 2012. So, now, I’m posting from The Gambler which will be out April 15, 2012. YAY!

EXCERPT from page 77:
“Sure. Sure.” He motioned for the man to come in and turned back to Eden. “Meet you at the door in a couple of minutes. We’ll have breakfast and talk about last night.”
She nodded. “It may take me a few minutes longer than you since I need to put my hair in order.”
“Your hair looks lovely down like that.”
She blushed and swatted at him. “Oh, hush, you flatterer you.”
“Tis only the truth I speak, my lady.”
Eden giggled and turned toward the dressing room.

There you go! This happens in the pool area of the RMS Queen Mary ocean liner.


  1. Is it April 15th yet?
    Looking forward to it in a big way.

    • Nope. Not yet! It’s coming- thanks for saying you’re looking forward to it. It’s a special one for me.

  2. Fun excerpt. Waiting…anxiously…for the book to come out.

  3. Great excerpt – now I want to know just what he means by talking about last night!

    • Heheheh. Love that I intrigued you, Paula. I enjoyed yours, too.

  4. I still have to post mine, but I’m waiting until I actually hit 77 pages.

    • Lol! I don’t have a new WIP at the moment as I’m polishing some that I have requests on after conference. Have one in wings to start once I get the submissions out. So, I had to use ones already contracted.

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