Posted by: Author | March 30, 2012

Friday Facts- March 30, 2012- Campanile

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A campanile is a bell tower and is usually affilitated with a church. Even if the tower actually holds no bells, it is still called a bell tower if it was designed to do so. Some modern ones have carillons (a musical instrument made up of bells that play songs) in them. If you’ve ever been to Stone Mountain, they have a beautiful carillon and the songs float over the river as the steamship makes its circuit. It’s lovely.

There’s a beautiful campanile in Venice, Italy and it’s quite impressive. Here it is:


  1. Great fact and a good memory. Sometimes I forget there’s a whole lot more at Stone Mountain than a great big rock. Thanks for a lovely fact and memories.

  2. So, I’m curious. Do you think the sound of a carillon is as evocative as actual bells? I love the sound of tower bells. The church I grew up with still rings theirs as a call to services. I even got to ring them a couple times. So that may be why I have a special place in my heart for bell towers. 🙂

    • Oh, Laurie. I adore the church bells! Much more!! I also got to ring the ones at my church as a teen. HARD work but so special!

  3. Brings visual image of a countryside. Popping over to visit

    • Awesome. Thanks Lavada. And guess what? I’ve finally gotten a chance to start reading your newest. So far, loving it.

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