Posted by: Author | May 3, 2012

Liv Rancourt Made Me Do It!

The always fantastic Liv Rancourt had a cool blog post earlier this week that she put up in answer to a game posted by one of her friends, Shay Fabbro. The deal is to list ten things you love that start with a particular letter. Then, if the commenters choose to play, the blogger assigns a random letter to the commenter for them to blog about. Liv assigned me the letter “I” and after moaning and whining to her about it, I decided I couldn’t let that pesky letter kick my rear, so here we go with the Letter “I” – oh, and by the way, if you want to play on your own blog, let me know and I’ll assign you a letter.

1. Inuit– This word is important to me at the moment because the heroine in my current WIP is an American with a Russian and Inuit background.

2. independence– This one is two-fold. I love being an independent woman who can make my own way in the world and I also have a great respect for our forebears who fought for the independence of this country (without the aid of Madame Guillotine, thank you).

3. Ignorance– Yes, I embrace all the things I’m ignorant about such as the Chinese language, the reason men love cars so much and NASCAR- really? What’s the fascination with watching a bunch of folks turn left for hours?

4. Indian– My grandmother’s grandmother was a Cherokee Indian. I think it’s cool that I have a bit of that blood in me.

5. Italy– Don’t need to say much there, do I? You all know I adore Italy and all things Italian back to pre-history days even.

6. Iron- Nope. I don’t love irons or ironing. UGH. But, I appreciate the vitamin iron since I have anemia and ferrous sulfate is my friend.

7. Idiot- Sometimes, I feel like an idiot. I try to keep that a secret but there you are. Confession of the day.

8. Intense– Yep, that’s me. Check out the picture dictionary. That’s my photo on that definition. I don’t do anything by halves. It’s a disease.

9. Industrious– I work like a demon. Even when I’m having fun, I’m working, working, working (see #8 above).

10. Imaginative– How many people do you know who think the cab driver or the shuttle driver or the tour guide (pick your stranger here) is going to drive off into a deserted area and kill them? Raises hand- yep, that’s me. Always.

So, if you want to play, let me know. I promise to pop by and see what you do with your assigned letter.


  1. Ok, I’m in! But don’t, I beg you, give me some wretchedly awful letter! You dissolve much with “I” that the bar has been set far too high!

    • Not “dissolve” – “did so”. I hate this keyboard and the damn autocorrect!

    • Arabella, you have “c” and I can guess your first word.

      • Constituition? Because I do love handling civil rights cases. Or perhaps cupcakes – you know how I feel about those ! Hmm, anything else?

      • They all are good choices!

  2. I’ll be glad to enlighten you on Nascar LOL. Fun post. I’ll play.

    • Darlene- you got the letter “o”. Oh no! ouch!

  3. I zeroed right in on iron. Ironing and sewing – my two most disliked tasks. Ugh!

    • I HATE to iron, too Laurie. And I DO NOT sew. At all. Ugh!

  4. I am in awe of you, because I know you didn’t go to google like I had to. Fabulous list, my friend.

    • Thanks my dear. It was fun. One word I forgot was intuitive. My best trait. Lol.

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