Posted by: Author | May 4, 2012

Friday Facts- May 4, 2012- Super Moon

Nope, I’m not talking about a caped crussader or a man in tights. I’m talking about the full moon for this weekend. It’s called a Super Moon because it is as close as the orbiter gets to Earth right now and that phenomenon doesn’t happen a lot during a full moon stage and may not happen again for 100 years. Exceptionally high tides are predicted and maybe even some flooding. The moon will look huge when it rises and folks in some areas will be able to see what looks like a ring of fire around the edges.

So, head outside, dance in the lightness of the moon and maybe, just maybe, meet the man that lives there since he should be pretty close to the Earth. I bet he’s drop dead gorgeous and I say that since there is no oxygen there.


  1. Ooh, thanks for the reminder. Although, being a moon child, I should have sensed it, shouldn’t I? 🙂

    • You should have known if you’re a moon child. I’m not lunarly affected, but I’m definitely mercury affected.

  2. Spent the night out in it last night. Will be out in it some again tonight. Not so good for the lunarly affected.

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