Posted by: Author | May 7, 2012

Bright, Shiny and New!

So, I started a new novel last week. I wrote on Monday night and Tuesday night and was rocking right along. Wednesday, I was brain dead from court, so I didn’t write. Thursday, I went to dinner with a friend. We met at 5:00 and left the restaurant at 9:40 (not crowded and it was Panera so we didn’t lose anyone a tip). When I got home, there was a desperate need for down time so no writing. Friday, I decided to look at an old story to see if it could be made into something worthwhile. I got all tangled up in that crap and spent over six hours working on that story over the next two days (it’s still crap, by the way).

By now, we’re up to Sunday. I opened Chapter Two of the new novel and read over the 157 words so far in it. Decided to go run an errand and then to my folks’ for Sunday dinner. My dad and I got into a discussion about the time Jesse James robbed the federal paymaster near the house where my great-grandfather grew up. Well, you can probably guess what happened on my way home.

Yep, I have a new story. One with my great-grandparents as the main characters (but Jesse James isn’t in it- so far anyway). It’s set in the fall because one of my publishers has a call for fall stories. I wrote like a demon and therefore, never got back to the new novel. But, I’m on fire with this story. I’ll get back to that novel sometime. Really, I will.


  1. Ya gotta go where the muse takes ya. They all sound like great ideas, and I know you’ll make me sparkle!

    • Not “make me sparkle” – “make ’em sparkle”. Damn autocorrect.

      • I can make you sparkle, if you want!! I haz glitter!

    • Thanks Arabella! I appreciate the good vibes!

      • You may have glitter, but you’d probably make me pay for the glue!

      • hehehe, that’s someone else who charges for glue- Never moi.

  2. I LOVE hearing about how stories are born. And this sounds like one that will be close to your heart. Yay!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Laurie! I got the opening scene on my drive home from the parents’ – I think it’s going to be a fun one. G rated though! Using the greats as inspiration won’t let me go further than PG- LOL!

      • Sweet. I’ve know you long enough to know that those scenes that come to you like that are strong and interesting. Should be a great story.

      • Thanks, Laurie. That’s a super compliment.

    • especially since I knew them! LOL!

      • Yah. G rated is good. lol

      • Heheheh. Indeed. I think the greats would appreciate it, too.

  3. I think of many story ideas while driving. I think, scary as it sounds, our minds are free to wander while we drive. Congrats on the new story!

    • Shay, I think of tons of story ideas as I’m driving. I always have a pad of paper beside me.

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