Posted by: Author | May 18, 2012

Friday Facts- May 18, 2012- Walter Rothschild

Walter Rothschild was the second Baron Rothschild. He was a bank and a politician. He also was a zoologist. In his childhood, he loved animals and started his own little zoo. He collected bugs and butterflies and even had a pet kangaroo.

He worked in the family bank for about twenty years and finally was able to quit. He opened a zoological museum while still with the back. Once he left the bank, he traveled the world to seek out animals.

He had some zebras he trained to pull his carriage and he would ride down the mall in London with the zebras pulling him along. I think that is absolutely awesome. I’m a big fan of zebras and I know, based on this man’s love of animals, that he didn’t mistreat them in teaching them to do this. They are after all, part of the equus family of which horses are a part as well.

Baron Rothschild was also the first Jewish member of the peerage who didn’t convert to Christianity.


  1. LOVE the zebra-pulled carriage. That’s a hoot. This guy didn’t care much about conforming, did he.

    • No, he didn’t conform. Mayhaps that’s why I like him so much.

  2. Great info and pic. Rita

  3. Interesting man. I enjoy your Friday facts Jillian.

  4. Zebras are pretty awesome.

  5. Okay, I’m late, but the zebras were awesome. I would have totally done that.

    • I would have totally been in that carriage with you!

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