Posted by: Author | May 21, 2012

Book Review-Underworld

I was supposed to have a guest today but never got the post, so, I’m thinking I better post something myself. Decided to post a book review. I have a couple of stories I’ve read recently and decided to feature a few words today about one of them. Meg Cabot is a wonderful Young Adult writer. I read her latest, called Underworld.

It’s the second book in a trilogy and even though I didn’t read the first one, I was able to catch on pretty quickly on what had previously happened. There are some writers who do this segue way very well and some who don’t (I read a book recently and I was lost for about the first 50 pages)- Ms. Cabot does it well.

This series is the story of Persephone retold for the modern age- the modern teen age that is. It was a great story with a lot of action. Being a huge mythology fan, I was pleased with the way the author captured parts of the myth but kept the story fresh and timely.

I recommend this story as it is quite good. The only bone I have to pick with it, and it’s a big one, the ending is not an ending but a lead in to book three. I hate, hate, hate that- I absolutely abhor being manipulated into buying another book to find out the ending. So, if you’re like me on that, give this one a pass. If you don’t mind, by all means, get it and read it.


  1. Makes me curious if the first book ends with the same sort of thing or if this is just the curse of the middle of a trilogy where they just need a bridge between parts 1 and 3. Sorry we missed a guest you always have the most interesting people.

    • I think it’s the YA trend to make kids keep reading and I’d bet it happened in first one, too if I was a betting woman. I hate it.

      • I guess with YA they know the kids will hound the parents to buy the next books. I hate that sort of thing too in movies also.

      • It’s all a marketing ploy and doesn’t work with me. Kids had a lot of disposable funds and this plays into their non developed frontal lobe impulsivity. Lol.

  2. I pick the same bone you do. That’s one of the main reasons I won’t read the other two 50 shades books. I didn’t like how it didn’t end, just morphed into the next book. The ONLY person who ever got away with that with me is Tolkien. 🙂 Still, this premise sounds very interesting and I enjoy good YA books. At least, if I read it, I’m forewarned. Thank you for that.

    • I somehow knew you’d agree with me on that bone. I like a beginning, a middle and an end to my books. I pay for a book, I want a whole one. Now, there can be some carry-over of the story but I want each book to stand on its own as a complete story. I don’t know it this is a new trend due to the economy or just what cause this to suddenly be a thing in fiction.

  3. Funny about teens and non-ending books. Our grandson had a huge issue with the last Harry Potter movie because of that. I’m not sure he’s seen it yet.

    Twilight did it too.

    I with you in that I want an end.

    • We are only a small sampling and we all hate it. I wonder what a scientific poll would tell these publishers about this tactic.

      Good for your grandson not to want to be manipulated. I agree that the HP last movie could’ve been done well as one film. The darned almighty dollar made them want to do that in two parts. ERG!

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