Posted by: Author | July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Plans Gone Awry- In a Good Way- I Think.

I had a plan. A grand plan for the Fourth of July. I was going to get my new WIP, called Moon Dance, up to 25,000 words, I was going to pack for my trip to Atlanta which entailed getting some things together for scrapbooking for two solid days and I had plans to go to my parents’ for lunch to celebrate the holiday.

On the third, I had a chat with my friend Darlene about Whortleberry Press and the fact that the first story I ever sold was to them in 2009. It was for a Halloween anthology and I’ve been in the last three Halloween volumes with them (along with other anthologies). I told D. that I had zero ideas for a story and the deadline is approaching. I was a bit sad because this publisher is near and dear since the editor, Jean, was the first to take a chance on me (and my stories are there under my other name).

Lo and behold, I woke up on the morning of the fourth with the first paragraph of a story in my head. It was so good, I got the chills. I jumped up and headed to the iPad to jot it down. Just the one paragraph, mind you, because I still had to get the WIP to 25,000 and all that other stuff I planned. Well, dang if that story wouldn’t stop. I got that first paragraph done, another came, got it done and it seemed to keep on going, ad infinitum. About the time I’d decide to get up to do something else, more words came. It was crazy in a mad, manic way. I ended up with 3,050 words before I knew it. And I think it’s quite clever even if I say so myself. LOL. The title is Is She or Isn’t She?

Did I get the other stuff on my list done? You bet your bippy I did. Because that’s the way I roll, ya know.



  1. I’m intrigued. Glad we had that chat. I hope she is already =)

  2. Your productivity and work ethic boggle my mind. If I ever grow up, I want to be just like you.

    • Thanks Arabella. Don’t grow up- I’d miss all the fun you bring to the table!

  3. Congrats, Jiliian. Hope the rest of the 25,000 words come as quickly. As a tick marker myself, I can appreciate you making those check marks of your to do list. Rita

    • Thanks Rita. This story, Moon Dance, has been kicking my butt. Lol.

  4. Wow, good going. Sounds like a VERY productive day.

    • It was Lavada. First over 5000 word day in a long time.

  5. I’m late chiming in, but just had to say well done! 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. I missed Friday fact sine out of town and my friend is running me ragged.

      • I know you are having a blast so enjoy!

      • Thanks Laurie. Am working on it but am exhausted.

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