Posted by: Author | July 13, 2012

Friday Fact-July 13, 2012- Bridge Icing

I went to Georgia last weekend to visit a friend and as I traveled, I saw the signs that say, Bridge ices before roadway. I thought that telling you all the reason for that would be a good Friday Fact, so here we are, it’s Friday and I’m gonna tell you!

Bridges lose heat from all sides. Since there is open space on either side as well as top and bottom. Roads, on the other hand, only lose heat from the top since the ground insulates the sides and bottom of the roadbed. Also, roads are usually made of asphalt and asphalt holds heat as opposed to letting heat loose. Bridges made from steel and concrete are heat conductors and the heat escapes from these materials at a faster rate than from asphalt. Bridges therefore, don’t trap heat and they are thus as cold as the air around them. So, if the air is freezing, chances are, the bridge is as well. Be careful!


  1. They have ICE in Georgia???

    • Well, yeah, Shay. We even have ice in Fla on occasion. It actually snows in Ga. And once in a while here where I live. Lol.

  2. Shaylacy beat me to my question. lol. I’m a day late here, anyhow. Since my husband and I are both kind of driving control freaks (aka back seat drivers), I am regularly reminded (as is he) of the increased risk of ice on bridges in winter. 🙂

    • Y’all crack me up, Laurie. Georgia even has – wait for it- mountains! *gasp*. Lol.

      Somehow I didn’t have you figured as a drive control freak. Heehe

      • My husband rolled his eyes in disbelief when I told him you didn’t think I’d be a control freak in the car. 🙂

      • Hehehehe. Love it.

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