Posted by: Author | August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Cool arrangement. How’s your summer going? Ours is heating up. Too much in some places. it’s nice here but about to toast (mid-90’s). And my daughter and family live WAY too close to a wildfire burning in the central part of the state. So far, it’s not headed their direction. But evacuations have happened as close as 6 miles away, so we are all watchful.

    • Whoa! Stay safe from the fires. I hope they stay as far from you as they can get. Our summer is abnormally wet. Lots and lots of thunderstorms and heavy, heavy rain.

      I’m glad it’s a little warmer for you!

    • Oops- read that wrong- I hope your daughter’s home is safe!

      • So far, so good, although a friend of theirs lost everything. Sigh. My sister in Philadelphia has been getting a lot of rain, also. The weather’s been a bit strange this summer, hasn’t it?

      • Sorry to hear about your daughter’s friend. That had to be hard. And yeah, very weird weather.

  2. Great arrangement. It looks cool in the hot weather we’re enjoying.

    • I adored it. So lovely. She’s going to plant the succulent in her yard.

  3. That’s beautiful! It spoke to me, so obviously wasn’t wordless.

    • Lol. It spoke to me, too. A wonderful bouquet.

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