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Special Guest, Hildie McQueen

Today, I have the awesomely cool Hildie McQueen as a guest. Welcome Hildie! She has a funny story to tell you about being in a hurry.
She’s also giving away one copy of Desperate Surrender to one commenter. so be sure to greet her.

Don’t Rush

In a rush to get to my volunteer work at my church, I picked up my bags and backed out of the house so not to let my rowdy Chihuahuas out. Then it dawned; I locked myself out of my house. With a resigned sigh, I went to my car, put all the crap in and pushed the garage door opener. Of course, this was the day the battery died.

I blinked for a few seconds, stared at the garage and hit the button again…and again, I mean that’s what you do for a human heart to restart it right? Well it didn’t work for the battery. Then somehow figuring the anger would give me super powers extra strength, I tried to pull it open. Other than a fart, not much gave.

Aha! I always forget to close the back door. With a smile I trudged to the side gate. Of course it rained in Georgia for the first time in three weeks and my mock-crocks were not the best to be wearing at the moment. But on I went through the mud and puddles, to the back door. Which of course, I remembered to lock.

At this point the Chihuahuas are excited, they are jumping up and down cheering me on as I lie down and attempt to shimmy as much of my shoulder as I can through their doggie door to reach the knob. My stupid arm is too short and now my back is wet and I’ve got muddy shoes, not to mention I’m a bit sweaty.

Oooh I’m mad now. With anger comes another aha moment. I grab a deck chair, stomp to the bathroom window tear off the screen to the cheering frantic barks of my canine alarm dogs. I suppose I should give them props someone was technically breaking in.

The window gives. It opens! And I have a short party. Why short? Well mainly because I am also short and a bit, shall we say curvy, chubby, yeah anyway. So when I hike up my leg, it’s nowhere near the bottom of the darn window. I try to hop, but my feet don’t leave the chair.

I finally get the courage to throw myself through the window. Well that’s an exaggeration, I drag myself up to the window, my belly gets caught and I’m hanging half in, half out, one hand on the toilet seat (ewww) and the other one in mid-air attempting to reach the floor.

After a few wiggles, I manage to climb fall in the rest of the way in and flop onto the floor (again ewww).

And I can’t get up.

No I’m not hurt, just so flipping out of breath, it’s physically impossible to move. I stare at the ceiling and wait for my breathing to normalize (is that even a word?), and just as I’m about to sit up, the happy hounds from hell rush in and jump up and down on my belly. Yay! They yap, Momma’s in the house!

I’m down again, but not for long, I manage to grab one of the little suckers for leverage.

Tired, hair now kinky from the sweat and drizzle, I get up, run a comb through it, put a band aid on my knee, change jeans and stomp out the front door, this time with keys in hand.

And I don’t feel one bit guilty about the unhappy barks. Yeah, yeah the party is over, go back to your whatever you were chewing or peeing on!

Morale – – Never, Ever Rush…or don’t adopt Chihuahuas…one of those two.

Bio: Hildie McQueen

Hildie McQueen, author of the Protector novels, loves the strange and unusual, pair that with humor and you’ve got an idea of what her writing is like. She makes sure action, intrigue, and sizzling romance add up to an escape that her readers won’t soon forget. Hildie is a member of Georgia Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. She resides in the beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt and two unruly Chihuahuas.

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The Protector Novels
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Where The Four Winds Collide – Historical Western – Jan 2013

Desperate Surrender
Back of the Book Blurb:
Wendy O’Sullivan’s life drastically changes upon discovering she is not human, and is charged with guarding the Key of Peace. To make matters more complicated, she reunites with the Protector she’s dreamed of since the day he rescued her from a demon attack.
Kieran Frasier, hasn’t kissed, much less loved a woman in over three hundred years, his heart firmly encased behind thick walls. The fierce immortal defends innocents from powerful demons, but can he defend himself from diminutive Wendy, who manages to get past all his barricades?

Faced with arranged marriages to others and battling demons that will stop at nothing to capture Wendy, will they be forced to surrender their chance at true love for the greater good?


  1. Hildie, you are the life of the party. I would like
    to see this story in one of your books it would be hilarious! Looking forward to reading the new western.

    • Thank you Masie! I’m looking forward to it as well!

  2. Hi Hildie, that was funny! Crazy things happen to dog owners so I can relate:)


    • Dogs do make things interesting don’t they!?

  3. Great story sounds like a day I would have. The book sounds great too. Thanks for visiting.

    • Hi Darlene, thank you for commenting! Have a beautiful day.

  4. Absolutely hilarious! 😀

    • It was, afterwards! LOL

  5. Funny. Who hasn’t locked themselves out a time or two. You are more patient than I. Think I would have smashed a window. Congrats on your release.
    EJ Lane

    • Thank you EJ. I did consider that my next move if the bathroom window didn’t open.

  6. Ohmygoodness. I wouldn’t have traded places with you at all that day, yet you got a good story from it. Congratulations on your book.

    • Yes, good stories come from those moments don’t they!?

  7. I was complaining about a little rain (okay, not much because the rain falling on me is in Paris), but after your hilarious story I won’t complain at all.

    • Paris! Wow, now that’s rain I wouldn’t mind at all! Enjoy!

  8. Loved the story – whoops blog. Seriously you can write humor I could ‘see’ you breaking into that house.

    • My life is a comedy! Thanks Lavada.

  9. I also glad I’m not the only one who has days like that! Only I have Great Danes!

  10. OMG! This sounds like me! Only my dogs are Great Danes!

    • Sorry for the duplicate!

      • I’m glad mine are not Great Danes, good golly, I’d still be flat on the bathroom floor! LOL

  11. As a healthcare professional allow me to assure of two things, waiting for your “breathing tonormalize” is a fine accurate stament, and no one ever dies of embarrasssment. LOL! I too, have a rescue dog, but mostly he likes to drink watever I’m drinking when I leave the room. Soon he’ll b an alcoholic, but who will argue with and 84 lb dog who takes a cocktail? Not me. You hav my sympathy, with simels.
    Ane Ran Walker

    • LOL Thank you Ane I’m glad my chihuahuas don’t drink, I can’t imagine the possibilities after the three of us have had cocktails!

  12. Lots of great comments today. Thanks Hildie for a fun day.

    • Thank you so much for having me! The winner of a free copy of Desperate Surrender is…drum roll please! *Maurisa*!!!

  13. Oh my goodness I was laughing all the way through. I would so be in a jam. My niece-in-law has a spare key BUT if it is Mon-Fri she’s at work. I have the short chubby problem too. I was trying to open the kitchen window when the ac went out and thought I’d drag a folding chair in there and climb right on up. NOT I had to drag a box of books and step on it and then onto the chair. The bad back and bad knee both asked me if I had lost my friggin’ mind. No puppies though. Glad you survived the ordreal.

    • Thank you C.K.!!! LOL

  14. At least you didn’t lose your sense of humor, Hildie. Not such a good way to spend your day, but glad it all turned out okay in the end. Hugs!!

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