Posted by: Author | November 15, 2012

I’ve Been Tagged- And I’ve Also Been Warned There’s Another One Coming

I love my friends and I adore when they want to play with me. It seems like I’m not the little girl with no depth perception who was last to be picked for the softball team after all. I won’t go all Sally Field on y’all though. Promise.

This week’s tag was by my friend Mackenzie Crowne. She’s a friend who I met through Still Moments Publishing and she’s just adorable. Check out her post on the tag game here. Her tag game is called Zig-zag and it seems I’m supposed to find in my WIP the word look and post the surrounding text. Once that’s done, I have to tag five more awesome writers. Here goes.

This is from my NaNoWriMo story I’m working on this time around:

“Surprisingly, there are a lot of Americans living in Puerto Vallarta. I adjusted quite quickly and wouldn’t even have taken this job with the DEA if I hadn’t been pressured by Jimbo to do it.”

“Jimbo did what?” The man in question was back with their drinks. He set them down and slid back in beside Kes.

“Talked me into being a drug enforcement agent.”

“I had to do something. You were wasting away down there in Mexico sitting in the sun all day and growing your hair and beard out as if you were a beach bum and not a brilliant lawyer. If I’d left you there much longer, you’d be the same shade as me.”

“A very nice shade it is. I wouldn’t mind it.” Kes patted Jimbo’s forearm. “I was having a wonderful time being a beach bum as you put it and I was hardly wasting away since I was working out every day.”

“Yeah. Look at you now. With the scruff on your face, the ponytail, the tan and the extra muscles, I daresay that no one from the past would recognize you today as the short-haired, strait-laced, uptight prosecuting attorney that you were.” Jimbo flicked Kes’ ponytail.

“Good. I’m glad. There’s no one from back then who I want to talk to again anyway. That man is dead and gone and I’m glad.”

“What happened? I don’t think I ever heard. I only heard that you were a lawyer before you came to work with us.” Mike took a swig of his beer.

“Long story. I’ll tell you sometime if I ever get rip-roaring drunk enough to want to think about it again.” Kes drained his own glass and slammed it down on the table just as Captain Graham came back to the table.

My tagged writers- check out their work on their sites:

Arabella Stokes

Suzanne Purvis

Darlene Henderson

W. Lynne Chantale

Flossie Benton Rogers

Next week, When I get the other tag I’ve been warned is coming, some more of you will be tagged. No one is safe. Be very afraid.
Oh and for fun, here’s a picture I took in Puerto Vallarta on the waterfront. This location plays a part in my WIP I’ve featured here.


  1. I love your excerpt. I’m intrigued already. I can’t imagine what I’ll find when I go LOOKing in my NaNoMo mess.

    • Thanks Suzanne. It means a lot that you like the excerpt. Good luck on your own LOOKout in your what I know is NOT a mess.

  2. Fun in the sun! Good work.

    • Thanks Liv. I appreciate it. It means a lot that you think it’s good.

      Be ready, I’m planning to tag you next week in the as-yet unknown game I’m on notice that I’ll be tagged to play!

      • OMG I’ll have to dust off the blog…

  3. Okay. THAT came out of NaNo, Jill? It’s supposed to be crap. You’re supposed to write a lot … of crap. Didn’t you get the memo? 😉 Thanks for playing along.

    • LOL Mac!! Thanks. I’ve tried to write crap but it’s against my religion. LOL Thanks for tagging me. It was fun!

  4. Great excerpt. Is that seriously an unedited nano excerpt? If so, my hat is off to you on the first draft excellence. 🙂 I will say I’m glad you got tagged, not me (hope I’m not waving a red flag in front of you saying that. lol.). One of my biggest superstitions is chain letters <> and, while there’s no ominous “do it or else” tied to tagging, I’ve still got a bit of the shakes at the thought. 🙂

    • Hmmm. The word I put inside the carrots didn’t show up. It was SHIVERS. 🙂

      • LOL- sometimes I wonder about WP and stuff not translating right.

    • I won’t tag you if it freaks you out, Laurie. I have ignored tags before and I’ve lived to tell the tale (ducks from lightning). Thanks for the compliment on the unedited NaNo. Yep, unedited for sure. Thanks for thinking it’s excellent. I’m thrilled!!

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