Posted by: Author | March 1, 2013

Friday Facts- March 1, 2013- Calico cats

As you all know, I’ve become obsessed with my new kitty, Hobbes. Interestingly, there is also a stray cat who has been hanging out at my office for a while. It started out lolling on our cars but moved toward letting us pet it pretty quickly. It’s a calico cat and my legal assistant started feeding it. She named it Cali. My paralegal said, “No, don’t name her.” I think she was afraid we’d truly adopt it if we named it.

We got into a discussion on whether it was a boy or girl. They both thought it was a girl and I said it was only because the cat is so pretty. Then, of course, not to be outdone, the research girl, paralegal extraordinaire, looked it up and lo and behold, we learned that most calicos are girls because there is a missing y chromosome in the make up of the colors of the cat. It seems the X chromosome is linked genetically to some coat colors. Interestingly, if a calico is male, it is usually sterile.

Calicos aren’t a breed. The colors are present in many breeds.  I was going to take a picture of Cali for this post, but she’s being elusive right now. Typical woman who doesn’t like her photo taken.

EDITED: She showed up! For food, of course.
cali 2



  1. She’s a pretty cat. We need to find her so you can post a picture.

  2. Pretty kitten! She’s so petite & lovely, and Cali’s a great name for her.

    • She is lovely and she’s so gentle as well. We like her!

  3. Hey, this is a Friday Fact I actually knew. That’s a first. What a cute little gal she is. And I’m with your paralegal. Naming her claims her. You’ve got another kitty. lol

    • YEAH for the fact knowing, Laurie! I love it. And yeah, she’s a cutie. And we’ve claimed her- or borrowed her.

  4. I’d heard that before about calico cats. Interesting. She’s pretty! I think you should adopt her for real. ; )

    • She’s a sweet kitty, Melanie but I think she actually has a home – across the street. She’s just a big ole flirt and wants extra snacks.

  5. Our first cat was a calico. My aunt had a beautiful German Shepherd and he loved the kitten so much, he’d carry her around in his mouth and make it lie with him.The kitten took to hiding under the radiators, so we got her until she got bigger…yeah, right.She came to us ‘temporarily’ from our aunt, and you know how that always works out.

    My mother had many offers from people who wanted to buy her; the first question was whether she was a male.They would get all excited waiting for the answer, but they still offered quite a sum.
    I hope you get old Cali ‘fixed’.

    • Sounds like a smart cat to hide from the dog. LOL!

  6. That dog was a sweetheart;I grew up with him.But I’m glad we got the cat, “Puccini “. My aunt had other cats afterward, but she got them when they were big enough so that “Dolphie”, (Adolph von Bismarck was his pedigree name), could not carry them around!

  7. I love calico’s they can have a mischievous personality. I know color shouldn’t matter but it seems to. Like the orange cats are usually laid back. Cali is a pretty girl and I hope the owners will make sure she spayed.

  8. What a sweetheart. I love cats.

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