Posted by: Author | April 9, 2013

New Release on Friday, the 12th

reblogging my post from Foxes and Hounds here to announce the new release day for Venetian Masks

Four Foxes, One Hound

tourist attractions: Venice at the sunset

Since it’s a free week this week here on the ol’ blog, I thought I’d share a bit about my upcoming release from Sweet Cravings Publishing for Friday this week. I’ve got a link here for my page at this publisher’s but the title isn’t up yet. It should be there on Friday.

I’ve been to Italy several times and I’ve written a couple of stories based there since I came back this last time. I love the culture, the food and the people. This story is a romantic adventure that occurs partially in Venice, Italy and partially in Bangkok, Thailand. My personal writer tag line is Romantic Adventures with an International Flair and I think this story epitomizes that tag line.

Here’s a short excerpt:

For the first time, Charlotte actually paid attention to the man who’d been piloting the boat. She almost gasped at his handsomeness but…

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