Posted by: Author | April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Italy trip 282


  1. Okayyyyy where is this? It looks like a great place to be.

    • Venice. Grand Canal. Since my Venice book comes out on Friday.

      • Congratulation on the new book release. Readers will have a great visual with this picture.

      • Thanks Lavada. I appreciate it.

  2. Very lovely and very appropriate. Congrats on the upcoming release. I know it’s going to be a great story.

  3. Is that water chop normal or is it a weather day when this was taken? I’m guessing those buildings see a lot of splash-up. I do know they have some flooding at high tide, right? But they are prepared for that? And woohoo on a new book coming out Friday.

    • It is choppy off and on out there depending on the amount of traffic but yeah, it wasn’t smooth much- later in the evening was only when I saw it real smooth And yep, flooding at high tide is the norm. They put out wooden planks to walk on in the square. It’s kind of cool but I would guess it gets old.

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