Posted by: Author | April 13, 2013

A Saturday Snippet of Carver’s Fall


Carver’s Fall is a 20th century historical sweet romance from Sweet Cravings Publishing. It’s based in the 1920s. Here’s a little snippet:

Leaning against the weathered wooden slats of the old barn that had been converted to a woodworking shop was none other than Mallie Phillips. The girl of his dreams. Eighteen and beautiful. Of course, she didn’t know he dreamt of her every night. But what was she doing here?

Mallie wore a long blue faded cotton dress and a pair of old Mary Jane shoes. Her stockings were dusty like she’d walked a long way. She had one knee bent and her foot rested on the wall. “Whatcha doing, Carver?”

“What are you doing is a better question. How’d you get way out here to my daddy’s farm? Li’l city gal like you don’t have no business out here in the boonies.” Carver set the knife down and wiped his brow that suddenly seemed to be manufacturing an inordinate amount of sweat. Good God, I hope I don’t smell bad. He resisted the urge to sniff his armpits, but just barely.

“My brother Joseph had some business out this way and he brought me in the wagon.”


Mallie came over to the workbench and picked up the knife. She used it to point at the pumpkin. “Are you carving that for the contest down at the Fall Festival this weekend?”

“I am. I think I’ve got a good idea for a very spooky fella and I’m planning to win that jackpot.”

“A jackpot for a Jack-o-lantern.” She giggled. “I like the sound of that.” She handed him the knife. “Show me what ya got, Carver Fowler.” She batted her eyelashes at him and he was lost.

He could barely speak English when she stood so close and smelled so good. Just like lemon verbena. As she continued to stare at him, he found his voice. “I can’t carve with you standing here. I can’t handle an audience. You’ll have to wait to see it at the festival.”

“I like that too, Carver.”

“What?” Embarrassed as his voice came out in a squeak, he ducked his head.

She lifted his chin with her index finger until he was looking at her. “I like that Carver is carving. See how nice that sounds? Jackpot for jack-o-lantern and Carver is carving. You have to admit it’s kind of poetic.”

“I don’t know nothing about poetry, Mallie.” Carver pulled away from her.


  1. The armpit thing cracked me up. Nice excerpt.

    • Hehehe. Glad you liked it. Thanks for popping in.

  2. interesting dynamic. Can’t quite tell if she likes him or wants to use him for something.

    • Ahhh, good, Jeff. That’s the intent at this stage of the story.

  3. Oh, young love or the close approximation is so interesting to see. good job!

    • Thanks, Christopher. I appreciate the kind words.

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