Posted by: Author | May 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Great picture. I love old houses. You’ve got a great eye. There’s something about the perspective in this picture.

  2. Old houses and porches, it doesn’t get much better and this one has all the ginger bread.

  3. After Tonette’s comment last week got my attention, I remembered to look at the picture BEFORE reading the comments. lol. What a gorgeous house (and picture). Makes me want to stir up a glass of iced tea and set a spell. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hahah. You crack me up. Yep. This would be a super place to sip a drink and chat.

  4. Oh, great…someplace else I know have an undeserved reputation! Wherever this is,I want to move there! It looks comfortable as well as darling. I could feel “at home” there.

    • It’s an awesome house, Tonette. It’s in the historical area of pensacola

      • We have a lot of fantastic old houses here. As a matter of fact,I found one tucked-away I had never seen before just today, but rarely have I felt the ‘cozy’ vibes I got from the one in the picture. (I may start packing!)

      • We have tons of cozy here. Come on down. Lol

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