Posted by: Author | May 17, 2013

Friday Fact – May 17, 2013- William Howard Taft

There are three branches of the government of the United States. The executive, the judicial and the legislative. Each has equal powers and there’s a system of checks and balances in place to make sure none exceed their authority.

Only one person has ever been the head of both the judicial and the executive branches. He served as the twenty-seventh President of the United States from 1909 to 1913. He was the tenth Chief Justice of the U S Supreme Court from 1921 to 1930.

Next time you play trivia and the question comes up about who was the only President to sit on the Supreme Court, you have the correct answer.

He was also the first president to buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Before being President, at various times, he served as Solicitor General of the United States, Governor-General of the Philippines, a Federal Appeals Court Judge and Secretary of War. He had quite a varied career, didn’t he?


  1. I did not know this. I was thinking about trivia last night. Glad to have this fact to add to my stockpile of information.

  2. Fascinating man.

  3. He certainly did have quite a varied career? Love Friday Facts. Guess I’ve said this before. Have a good weekend.

    • He did indeed!! AND I’m glad you’re still liking the facts- sometimes I have to dig deep for them!

      Enjoy your weekend too!

  4. That’s a man who really believes in this country and it’s systems. I wonder what he’d think about how things are today.

    • Yeah, my thoughts exactly as I was writing this.

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