Posted by: Author | May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

rose may 20


  1. Pretty. Is that at Chateau Chantal?

  2. Lovely; I can smell it from here! It reminds me of the rosebushes my aunt gave to me when I was a kid.I had to leave them behind when we moved.

  3. Our roses aren’t blooming yet. This one is lovely.

    • Thanks Laurie. Ours are out and some are already fading like this one. Hope yours bloom soon

      • It’s 43 degrees and pouring rain here. I’m betting it will be a while. Sigh.

      • YIPES! Yes, it will. Poor you. I hate that. You need spring!!!!!!

      • I need Summer! lol

      • Hehehe. Yeah

  4. I’m with Laurie, not hard when we’re only about half an hour from each other. I’m soooo tired of rain. And ready for roses.

    • Hope the rain stops soon and that you get the May flowers.

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